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REO Portfolio Purchases

REO Portfolio Purchases
Hilco Can Immediately Reduce a Lender’s Loss Severity
HRP can quickly reduce a financial institution’s loss severity by purchasing its REO inventory for cash, providing immediate balance sheet relief and eliminating any further involvement with distressed real estate ownership or its associated costs.
HRP will establish the current market value of the fi nancial institution’s REO inventory portfolio. An independent analysis at the macro and micro level will be obtained for each property. Other information relevant to the property may also be obtained including, but not limited to, title, market and environmental information. Based upon this due diligence, HRP will make an offer to the financial institution to purchase its REO inventory for cash, assuming immediate ownership.
Financial Considerations
HRP designs specific financial packages to meet each client’s unique needs. Pricing and funding methodologies are client-specific. HRP takes into account the anticipated volume of assets to be acquired from the financial institution, their geographic locations and other client-specific criteria related to the inventory and process. We will also do “participation” deals where a client may wish to share in the upside.
For More Information or to Discuss the Sale of Your REO Portfolio, Please Contact:
Navin Nagrani
Vice President