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Residential Builder Portfolios

Residential Builder Portfolio Purchases
Hilco Can Maximize the Value on a Non-Performing Loan
HRP’s residential developer solution offers a detailed analysis and valuation, as well as an accompanying purchase offer, on the closeout units of a challenged development. This solution supports the lending institution’s interests by providing critical and accurate data as well as liquidity to the builder.
HRP will conduct a thorough analysis that incorporates market data, economic factors and the costs associated with acquiring, managing and disposition of the properties. A workout proforma that details the analysis and portfolio valuations will be provided along with a purchase price offer on the project.
Financial Considerations
HRP designs specific packages to meet each lender-builder situation. Pricing and funding methodologies are client-specific. HRP takes into account the anticipated volume of assets to be acquired from the builder, their geographic locations and other specific criteria related to the inventory and process. We will also do “participation” deals where a client may wish to share in the up side.
For More Information or to Discuss the Sale of Developer Closeout Units, Please Contact:
Navin Nagrani
Vice President