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Property Dispositions and Lease Renegotiations

When you engage Hilco to...

Restaurant Teleconference Listen to or read a transcript of the full teleconference on restaurant lease restructuring, co-hosted on February 4th, 2010 by Franchise Times, The 2010 Restaurant Finance & Development Conference and Hilco Real Estate.
  • sell or sub-lease a property,
  • re-negotiate a lease, or
  • mitigate a bankruptcy claim

... an experienced team of real estate brokers, attorneys, analysts and dealmakers is pressed into service. The team is backed by leading-edge technology - including a proprietary real estate marketing database, demographic and mapping software, and internet-based communications systems - to maximize asset exposure to potential buyers and replacement tenants. You will receive a weekly status report outlining work completed, contacts initiated and made, and offers received.

Disposition and lease renegotiation services may be of interest to:

  • Businesses with redundant leaseholds resulting from merger or acquisition
  • Companies undergoing restructuring
  • Companies in turnaround, in or out of bankruptcy
  • Healthy companies needing to improve cash flow

For further information, please contact:

Neil Aaronson
Greg Apter