Real Estate Acquisitions

Hilco Real Estate is a strategic buyer seeking compelling investment opportunities. Over the years, our principals have acquired in excess of 120 million square feet of retail, office, and industrial property, often to help expedite a company's ability to raise cash, or to assist a lender with its portfolio restructuring.

Whether we purchase property for value-add/remarketing or participate in a sale/leaseback transaction, Hilco has the expertise and capital resources needed to acquire properties of virtually any magnitude.

Acquisition services may be of interest to:

  • Companies undergoing restructuring
  • Companies in turnaround, in or out of bankruptcy
  • Healthy companies needing to improve cash flow (or looking to monetize non-core or core assets)
  • Asset-based and traditional mortgage lenders
  • Private and institutional investors
  • Traditional real estate investors searching for capital or considering a property sale

Our combined services structure enables you to consolidate all your requirements with one resource. This versatility not only saves time and expense, it provides more options to achieve a satisfactory (and profitable) outcome.


Real Estate Redevelopment


Hilco Redevelopment Partners (HRP) provides a comprehensive platform of services to maximize the value of obsolete industrial sites and office facilities. By leveraging Hilco Global’s unique structuring and value-add capabilities, we can efficiently remediate, recycle, and redevelop complex assets.

As the industry leader in successfully completing large industrial redevelopment projects, HRP is a trusted partner and principal investor that maximizes value by tailoring its approach for each specific redevelopment project in a single integrated solution:

  • Providing capital to guarantee completion of all project phases
  • Completing all remediation to regulatory standards
  • Monetizing all assets, including receivables, inventory and PP&E
  • Redeveloping sites in a socially responsible manner

Are you interested in finding out more about Hilco’s acquisition and redevelopment services? Contact Roberto Perez, Executive Vice President of Hilco Redevelopment Partners, at

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