M&A Advisory/Execution: Operational Efficiency and Asset Optimization

AdvisoryFor companies in a growth mode, Hilco Real Estate provides collaborative strategic advisory services to help facilitate merger and acquisition transactions. As part of the M&A process, we also specialize in “acquisition and asset disaggregation” of nonstrategic real estate through partnerships in which Hilco is a co-investor. We are a powerful ally to any company interested in property acquisition and asset disaggregation to support expansion initiatives.

Hilco can partner with clients to value and acquire businesses, maximize value of the new locations, and relieve the client of the work and expense of disposing unwanted assets.

  • Hilco provides capital necessary to purchase unwanted or duplicative assets (for example, going-concern divisions, real estate, excess and obsolete inventory, FF&E, intellectual property, etc.).
  • The client takes only the locations and related assets it wants, thereby reducing acquisition costs.
  • The seller receives more value for the unwanted assets because of Hilco’s involvement. This can help facilitate seller acceptance of a deal with the client.
  • The client’s management can focus on the go-forward business, while Hilco handles the disposition of unwanted and duplicative assets.

We offer the bandwidth and experience to successfully handle all situations, and we integrate seamlessly with your operations, real estate, and legal staff to augment stretched internal resources. As your agent, we offer brokerage services and auctions for the sale/leaseback of core properties, sale of nonessential owned or leased properties, and an experienced team of lease restructuring professionals to minimize liabilities and maximize value in connection with core leased locations.

Hilco Real Estate can facilitate your M&A transaction by reducing equity requirements and handling the real estate repositioning and/or disposition process. Contact the Hilco Real Estate team at 847.714.1288 to learn how we can do business with you.

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